10 days worth of growth

I feel like it’s going really well but I’m not sure if anyone else would think so… I have no prior experience for reference :unamused::unamused:
Any tips would be greatly appreciated :relaxed:


May need more water, how often, and how much are you watering?
Are you feeding nutrients?
What soil?

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Watering every couple days or when the soil feels dry 2’ down off top. Not feeding yet because I’m using a super soil. FF with a super soil mix can’t remember brand of mix.
They are just a little over 5 weeks from seed.

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It’s not recommended to water until run off, but slightly before that would be great. Fully saturating the medium, and then allowing it to dry out will give you better root development, and growth.


How can I test for TDS if I don’t water till run off. I haven’t tested yet as it seems a little early for that using super soil . Is there another way?

Honestly you dont really need to test the runoff TDS yet. But if you really want to know where you stand then just water slowly until you can catch some of the water that drains from the pot.


Watering to runoff is basically going to wash out the nutrients in the soil at this stage. Which you dont want to do(unless you run into an issue).


Looks good, Water and nutrients, what nutes are you using?

Nothing yet… I’m using super soil mix. Ph 6.8 watering when the soil is dry 2" down

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Another 6 days in and this chic seems happy.

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