10 + 10 deal questions

Finally! Found out how to post!
I clicked shop deals… Im trying to order with the buy 10 get 10… I want to purchase the KO Heavy Hotter and the Dreamy Mix Pack (both show under deals link) but they’re both full price in the cart. Does this only apply to single seeds of 10 and if so why are the mixes under deals? Is there a code or something? Please help!
Am I missing something? I’m so frustrated at this point.

the 10/10 deals are just for single seeds, and usually noted on the pic or description before you have to click on anything…

the mix packs are there because they are cheaper than buying the 3 separately, which is still a deal…

Helpful hint: They usually have sales around major holidays, where they add more buy10 get 10 strains for a short time, although the strains vary from sale to sale…


Yup, buy 10 get 10 are for single strains that are part of whatever current sale is.

Mix packs are combined and the regular or sale price is already reduced from what it would cost to buy each pack individually.


Thanks! I’m so torn! Lol I want to try them all :joy: