1 timer 3 GSCE autos 2x2

Hi out there first time grower definitely over my head, want to say thanks to all, have posted a few pics and questions and everyone has been super awesome with tips and advice, this is what I got
27,27,63 inch tent
Spider farm at-1000 light, also viparspec Xs-1500 should be enough light to get through full cycle?
Soil ocean forests and cocco locco soil could not find any perlite use 1.5 cubic of ocean, mixed with 1 cubic foot of cocco locco should have good drainage
Extreme garden free sample pack uses the root stuff when transplanted and also they had little root pack starters things definitely check out. extreme garden.comb
Seed are from ILGMA got the super mix pack 3 GSCE autos able to get temp in 70-80 range and humidity around 60-80 percent, lights are on for 18 hrs light 4 hrs dark, water every other day 2 cups start outside and pour back to middle.
Anything I missed please tell me need all tips and advice, Aslo have Ph kit using ph water
2 weeks yesterday, transplanted Saturday

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Thank you not very tech savvy, see I need all the help I can get lol thanks again @CygnusX1

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In my opinion, you’re gonna need a bigger tent @Kingkupa

Ok thank you, so I got a ? If u where me what would you do ? Buying another tent money wise not an option, DIY a tent yikes idk ? Another tent, another light, more fans. Not that much extra cash ?
Do have a garden, but would be outside and where I live it is hot. Any suggestions any and all suggestions welcome.