1-Room 1-Light 3-Plant Perpetual Grow

I am trying to pull off a 1-room 1-light 3-plant perpetual grow.

Good thing im a noob right.

This is what it is looking like at this point.

-Light is a Viparspectra PS1500

-Area is 3’x5’ deep closest that i have sectioned off into a 3’x3’ growing area.

-Medium is a great, local soil called BioAll by Bio360 with EWC. In 5 gal. fabric pots.

-Ventilation is just the 2 6"fans now but will be getting an AC Infinity T6 soon.

I got the Classics Autoflower pack from ILGM.

My very first seed to ever mess with was the AK-47 auto. She popped her head out on 2-17-22 so is 6 1/2 weeks now, and in her 2nd week in flower.

My 2nd is the Sour Diesel Autoflower. For this grow i want to keep it simple, and just using Gaia Green 4-4-4 and 2-8-4, along with some Great White. She just popped her head up this morning. I wanted to transplant this time, mainly because i wanted to get the Great White right on the roots. Even though with the AK-47 my soil got me through 4 weeks very easily, i wanted to go full Gaia Green. So, i amended her final home with 1 1/2 TBSP 4-4-4 and just 1/2 TBSP of 2-8-4. Hopefully that will start breakin down not be to hot for the transplant.

Then in about 4-6 weeks i will pop a Super Skunk seed.

I would love to hear all of your opinions, questions and i am goin to need advice along the way, so please follow me on this journey, and tag some others that would like to follow and help as well.


Hi there. Welcome. If you will onlu be growing one at a time. it should be ok. the light is only 150w. the real pros will be able to answer more questions.

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Beautiful!! :heart:

Well done.

And most of all Welcome!

Everyone here adds something in his or her own way to this amazing community! :weight_lifting_man::potted_plant:

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Probably gonna need more than 150 watts to manage 3 plants…,


50W per plant in a 3x3 for me for 4 plants is bare minimum lighting for me.

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I use a VIPARSPECTRA R900 and added older V600 (VEG-Bloom switches)
Works as hardware was purchased a couple of years ago.
48x48x80 tent full with first round of purchased clones and seeds.
I can germinate.
I wish to get cloning to work like (in I did in 1980)
Fan just died and needs ASAP replacement (ordered two 6"oscillating tent fans last week).
LIGHT HEIGHT? LEAF TEMPS? Tent /room temp?

Hi @WeathaG welcome to the neighborhood…
Sounds like a good plan, definitely looking good so far :+1:

As of now. i have 3 5gal buckets on a round water heater drain pan. The one starting flower is almost under the center of the light, lifted a few inches and about 16-18 away from the canopy.

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Didnt mean to send that yet. Lol

The veg plant will be at the end of the light and a seedling in the corner. If that makes sence

The leaf temps have been around 75-78 ahd 45 ish RH while soil tems about 73-75.

Im in upstate NY and has been cold, so using a small space heater and humidifier. For the most part with a ton of moving things around i have finally been able to keep the temps and RH fairly stable.


Looking good :+1:

Have you top dressed your ak47, or is she still running off the nutrients in the BioAll ?

I did top dress @ 4 weeks with Fox Farm Fruits and Veg 2-9-4, and i have used Alaska Fish 5-1-1 at 2 weeks

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Welcome to the community! From what I can see light is the issue for you. You need MORE. Certainly helps a bit in Colder climates, if not indoors or confined. I use 2 150w Full Spectrum LED lights in a 3x3 for 3 plants. It works out good for me. Adjust the levels/distance as needed. Suggest a simple PAR app on your phone so you can actually gauge the light levels at the canopy regardless of stage of growth. Or what type of light you use. Just a very simple and important aspect of the “ladies” development going forward. Proper LIGHT! Happy Growing!


Yeah , I’d say add one more light and you should be good to go.

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Yeah from everything i have read, and what everyone says lighting will be m my obstacle. I want to get a exhaust fan b4 another light, i know i am going to have to get the heat out soon as summer is coming.


I am doing something similar but timing has been an issue. It is hard to get the timing right because plants have their own schedule. Sometimes harvest comes real early (like at 6 or 8 weeks flower) and other times it takes 10 to 14 weeks of flower. Also autos will start flower when they feel like it, sometimes as early as 3 weeks from sprout and other times it takes 6.
I am in a 32"x48"x60" grow space with 2 Mars Hydro T-1000s. Right now I have 2 mature plants at about 5 weeks flower and 2 in veg stage about 4 weeks from sprout.


Welcome @WeathaG! I’m also in NY.

What type of hot peppers you got going in there? :stuck_out_tongue:

Interesting setup with the metal conduit - is that for attaching a scrog net?

@CurrDogg420 good eye ya got there bud. Thoes are a couple jalapeños that will be going outside here shortly.

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I am an electrician, and have a bunch laying around. Not sure if i will be scroging, wotks good fot cors management and clipping fans. Honestly just something i felt i was missing from a tent

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@HMGRWN thoes are 150w lights correct? And 2 seems to keep everything happy through flower. What distances from canopy are you going for? And how about RH? Lol oh all the questions. And please, im open to any lil all tips/tricks you have learned to help eveone coexist

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Yes, at 100% on continuous 16/8 light cycle. Right now they are 24or25" above the mature ones and close to 30 from the little ones (I am trying to get a “stretchier” plant this time). My grow area is 3 sides of a tent and a tarp that covers half the top and the front about half way down. It is “open” but smell is not an issue as I have little to no company. Rh is same as the house with central heat and air. Usually between 45 and 60%.