1 Out of 7 looks very strange! What is this!


I’m on week 3 since flip.

6x Durban poison x chem dog and 1x gorilla glue #4. Photos. In soil with perlite. Ph 6.8, run off 6.7, temp lights on 27°c lights off 18°c.

6 of my plants have pretty uniform flower development. There is one that looks strange and has less bud by a long way. I know its early days and I couldn’t care less about yield, what will be will be.

The odd one out is not the gorilla glue. Its definitely a Durban poison x chem… but I don’t understand whats going on for this particular plant.

Thanks in advance

First three photos are of the odd one out. Last 4 are general photos of my grow showing normal bud growth


Welcome to the community are they autos or photos

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beautiful set up!

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Cheers mate!

They are all photos… then again I was given the seeds as a trade for a small grow tent I was getting rid of so I can only go on what I was told. They didn’t show see until a week after I flipped so they’re definitely photos. I also begged them for 9 weeks because I was having issues. I’m in new zealand… we can’t just walk into a dispensary and buy seeds or order them online without risk.

Thanks bud!

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Thankyou. I agree. Just need a few more grows under my belt so I can fine tune using it all!

That’s the risk most of us take my brother I can tag u in my journal if u want me to

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Yea bro that would be good! Thanks

That just looks like a genetic difference. Bunk (ish) phenotype from 1/7 isn’t so bad.

Beautiful garden.


Oh ok awesome thanks for clearing that up… so will it likely produce less bud? Fluffy bud? No bud? I guess if it puts out anything over an oz its worth keeping around

It might put out excellent bud. It may stretch during flower and outgrow the rest. Only time will tell