1 out of 4 stunted or genetic, defoliate or wait?

So after some long and thoughtful staring at a 4 plant GG grow in progress, I believe 1 of the 4 genetics is more distant from the rest. On this 1 plant in week 2 of flower I did prune 2 lower branches off that never made it up. That plant is about 3-4 inches shorter than the rest so that may have something to do with it. Yesterday I noticed on this plant that the top sites were also lighter in color than the other 3 plants. After spending some time dialing in the lights earlier in the grow I think this slightly lighter shade on the tops is from light stress. So I turned the lights down to 200 watts and after a few hours the tops have gotten darker, so I’m feeling confident that’s what that was about.

Question now, is this shorter plant which could have been stunted due to light stress ending it’s stretch as the others are, or can I expect that the stress slowed the one plant and that it will eventually stretch more and end where the others are? I’d like to defoliate them now but if the runt is still going to stretch I’d like to let her finish rather than stunting any remaining stretching it wants to do.

Any answer to this question would only be a guess.
When you grow several plants from seeds they each can be different in the way they grow.
Sometimes is small differences, sometimes larger.
New growth is always light green at lights on, so them darkening up later on is normal even for plants under perfect lighting.

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Also, you might give some thought to sticking with a single thread for answers to your grow questions.
Its easier to give good answers if we know the full history rather than starting over every time.
Just some friendly advice if you choose to use it.

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Had too many threads going at once and got caught up in another. Closing this one. Thanks!