1 out of 4 plants is not doing well

Thanks for all the help. Could you send me the guide on sick plants?


Thank You,

If you wouldn’t mind I would love the guide on sick plants ****@.com
Thank you so kindly

I sent you the guide to sick plants did you get it

Majiktoker. Has sent it over to you. If for some reason you don’t recivie it. I will gladly resend it for you. Thanks Cody


You guys probably don’t want to post your e-mails here, this area is public for everybody to see.

Use the more private email function and click on a member and then send them the private message, that way you don’t start getting all kinds of spam, or what have you.



And BTW, here is @garrigan62’s guide or a link to a post he posted awhile back on our site:


Good stuff, thanks for re-posting.

Lots of hidden goodies in all the forum posts

Yea I got you buddy, I figured I’d give it a little bit and there was still no post so I got it sent over didn’t know if you were busy

Yes I was some people stopef in to buy some firewood

Thank you


Got it, Thanks. :blush:

Good deal, now can you unzip the file ?


No problem brother

same, easy, rar files

This guide is a must for any grower.
Best of luck with your grows

B Safe


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Yes I just have to get an extractor. Thank you very much.

Get a “WinZip” app or an app that can download rar files, and you should be able to view it

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Hello, It has been 6 days since I dosed with Epsom salts and water that was 7.0 PH. They were looking pretty good for a couple of days. This morning the worst one is looking very yellow and the others looking like the leaves are getting lighter. The first picture is the worst one. The second picture represents the other three plants. Any thoughts on how I can save these plants?


I wanna say its turning yellow because you flushed out all nutrients and toxins now you can feed them with half the dose they were getting at first so they can ease the nutrients back In the plants canopy and foliage, start with a light feeding, and make sure she gets the N-P-K, calcium, and magnesium and all other nutrients at same time to prevent a lock out, and try to get your soil ph to 6.3-6.8

Majiktoker, thank you for the quick reply. I will water with nutrients as soon as the lights come on this evening. Since the initial problem was magnesium should I also add more epsom salts?


No just start with the N-P-K, and calcium and magnesium, if you add more Epsom salt your just gunna cancel out the food your trying to start her back up on, make sence lol :smile: