1 month old today!

Here is my 3rd grow setup. Helios Bros tent, 4-4ft T8 led fixtures in corners,Mars lighting above plants…Bubble Bros Hydro buckets.Vornado fan in bottom blowing air up and through a 4” carbon filter on top. I have a aquarium pump for air flow to buckets, as the pump that came with buckets was much too loud! General Hydro Nutes.

Top to bottom- 1Super Skunk, 2 Bergman’s Gold Leaf, 2 Chronic Widow. SS was started about a week before the other 4. Last grow with 3 plants ended with 8 Qt jars packed with bud. Going with 5 plants this grow. I have around $350 invested in this setup. Let me know if you have any comments or questions


Only one comment, Looks good :+1:


Looking like they are doing great

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Thanks much!

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welcome ! you’re off to a great start.

Looking good nice and healthy



Here we are at 2 months now, with clones taken for next grow. I’m getting another tent this week, so I can start transition stage to bloom.

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