0dor control beans

Hello everyone im growing in a 4’ x 4’ grow tent but the beans I’ve been growing leaves my house smelling like a skunk just pissed all over it. For security reasons i need a auto flowering Indica dominant bean that’s not to smelly any suggestions?


Try a banana kush. Ive heard the house will smell like bananas. Although it may only fool the ones that dont know. Some amazon drivers to ourplace seem not to notice others just smile andsome of those leave with a littlegift bag.

Call me Mr. Obvious but a Carbon Filter and fan could solve that issue.


I have a carbon filter and a 6" exhaust fan but still has the smell im using a 1000 watt hps light and it gets a little warm inside the tent not too bad around 82 degrees

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Keep negative pressure in the tent (more air being pulled out than going in) and the smells won’t escape.


I agree with @MidwestGuy . Fire up the vacuum and force ALL the exchange air through the carbon. Since in flower no worries on rh dropping. They dig it lower in flower. Can run that fan 24/7 and keep it clear till harvest.


I might prefer 8" in that space but if good fan and a good filter it should not be that bad. Something going on. Is tent sucked in at all (neg pressure as mentioned)??? Shoot us a pict of your fan and filter Plumbing

As for your original question, I have had relatively less odor from ILGMs MK Ultra beans… mine are regulars, but they put off very little odor over all

Audiofreak no i definitely don’t need a 8" the 6" is sucking the side’s of my tent in. I also have a 4" thinking about switching to it but I’ll have to get a carbon filter for it

How old is carbon filter, after 2 grows mine stopped working as efficiently.


That filter is done then. If you have neg pressure no odor can come out for you to smell, unless is goes thru the filter. If you still smell it in the house the filter is no good or “BLIND” .


Thanks all going to need a new carbon filter it looks like :+1:

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Huh. Blind filter sounds good when you’re stoned!

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It a referance used in filtration when a filter has reached it limit of particulate mater absorbing capacity is is said to go blind or to blind.